XXV International Conference Living and Walking in Cities - NEW SCENARIOS FOR SAFE MOBILITY IN URBAN AREAS

9-10 September 2021, Brescia (Italy)

The LWC International Conference traditionally deals with the topics of urban mobility and quality of life in urban areas, with a specific focus on vulnerable road users. The LWC Conference allows researchers, experts, administrators, and practitioners to gather and discuss about policy issues, best practices, and research findings from different perspectives.

According to the 2020-2030 EU Road Safety Strategy, further steps should be made to promote safer, more resilient, and innovative cities. A System Approach strategy and the implementation of synergies between safety and sustainability are required to achieve the Vision Zero. Being safe roads and roadsides and safe road use two of the pillars of the EU strategy, the LWC Conference launches this year the challenge to define new scenarios for safe mobility in urban areas.

The topic will be addressed from a triple perspective. From a transport planning perspective, by providing new solutions and intervention to improve active mobility, enhance road safety, and provide more performing public transport and e-mobility systems. From an urban planning perspective, by defining policies towards safer and resilient urban spaces and urban space redevelopment, looking as well at the time-space design of the public city. From an integrated perspective, by providing new and synergic solutions to design more innovative and responsive cities: intelligent transport systems to promote more sustainable mobility and safer driving behaviours; re-design projects for new urban spaces; new decision support tools to promote safe mobility, with a glimpse to the Covid-19 outbreak experience.



  • Network and infrastructure to improve active mobility

  • Road safety interventions

  • E-micromobility system

  • Public Transport and multimodality

  • Accident data analysis


  • Urban mobility systems

  • Urban space re-design to improve sustainable mobility

  • ITS and MaaS

  • Post-pandemic response for resilient cities

  • Driving behaviour in urban environment

  • Big Data


  • Sustainable, safe and resilient urban spaces

  • Active mobility and urban redevelopment

  • Time-space design of the public city

  • "15-minute" cities

New scenarios for safe mobility in urban areas

Proceedings of the XXV International Conference Living and Walking in Cities (LWC 2021), September 9-10, 2021, Brescia, Italy

Maurizio Tira, Giulio Maternini, Michela Tiboni

Volume 60,

Pages 1-616 (2022)

Link of Proceedings