A1 - Urban Regeneration. A focus on walkability
Authors Title File
Dorato E.
Borgogni A.
The active city perspective
Botticini F.
Scala B.
Tiboni M.
Vizzardi E.
Elements towards the protection and promotion of urban spaces in the historical city: the study of the historic center of Brescia 
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An American approach towards sustainable mobility: the Queensway of New York City
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Beyond the Street: an Urban Regeneration Project for the Porta Milano District in Brescia
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GIS-based monitoring and evaluation system as an urban planning tool to enhance the quality of pedestrian mobility on the urban sector of Cittadella in Parma
Pezzagno M.
Richiedei A.
Pavesi F.
Town Planning Management: Accessibility to Personal Care Service

A2 - Vulnerable Road Users
Authors Title File
Giuffrida N.
Ignaccolo M.
Inturri G.
Using multiple correspondence analysis to improve safety in interaction between road transit and public spaces
Gitelman V.
Doveh E.
Balasha D.
 Safety evaluation of urban streets with mixed land use: examining the role of early stage of planning
Gitelman V.
Carmel R.
Pesahov F.
An identification of infrastructure measures to improve elderly pedestrian safety in towns, in Israel
Congiu T.
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The city of images. Urban mobility policies and extra-small tactical projects for promoting quality of urban life of people with ASD [Autism Spectrum Disorder]
Propeck E.
Liziard S.
Conesa A.
Villette J.
Kahan R.
Saint-Gerand T.
New mobilities and territorial complexity: Is the promotion of sustainable mobility risk-free for cities? The case of Strasbourg, France

A3 - Boosting and Planning Soft Mobility
Authors Title File
Conticelli E.
Santangelo A.
Tondelli S.
Innovations in cycling mobility for sustainable cities
Francini M.
Gaudio S.
Mercurio G.
Palermo A.
Viapiana M.
The sustainable mobility in the functional mix of the urban project
Fraticelli C.Cities Alive. Towards a walking world
Gerundo R.
Gerundo C.
Re-shaping a post-seismic reconstruction district through cycling infrastructures. The case of Monterusciello.

B1 - Integrated land use and transport planning. Methodological approaches and case studies.
Authors Title File
Cartenì A.
De Guglielmo M.
Pascale N.
Calabrese M.
The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) of Naples as an example of a rational and participated transportation planning process

Montepara A.
Ventura P.
Zazzi M.
Cillis M.
Caselli B.
Carra M.
Relationship between mobility and urban form in contemporary New Town Planning. Notes for a comparative perspective

Morea F.
Mercatelli L.
Alessandrini S.
Gandin I.
Integration of SUMPs (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans) and SEAPs (Sustainable Energy Action Plans): an assessment of the current situation in Italian small and medium-sized cities

Papa R.
Angiello G.
Carpentieri G.
Investigating the transit-orientation of existing urban environments along four railway corridors in Italy

B2 - Integrated tools for Town and Transport Planning
Authors Title File
Colazzo V.On building a common awareness of territory by a transport-system-integrated assessment

De Lotto R.
Esopi G.
Venco E.
Urban modifications and infrastructural system: a new tool to ease integrated and flexible approaches

Rota P.
Zazzi M.
The contrast to the Urban Heat Island phenomenon to increase the urban comfort as an incentive to slow mobility

Torrisi V.
Ignaccolo M.
Inturri G.

Toward a sustainable mobility through a dynamic real-time traffic monitoring, estimation and forecasting system: The RE.S.E.T. project

B3 - Shaping Public Spaces and Walkability
Authors Title File
Bornioli A.
Morgan P.
Parkhurst G.
The influence of the built environment on walking experience and walking intentions. A case-study from Bristol, UK

Maitre E.Modern tramways in French cities: complex design process and complicated public spaces

Mazzeschi V.Tram-train line as infrastructural corridor for the requalification of Pontina Bioregion  

Olitsky M.
Lerman Y.
Avineri E.

Services and Commerce within a Walkable Distance from Home

Vitale Bovarone E.When transport infrastructure shapes the public space: public transport stops as urban places 

B4 - Transport solutions for Tourism
Authors Title File
Cutaia F.The role of Greenways in the sustainable mobility development: the study case of western municipalities of Sicily

Ilieva L.
Rizova P.
Mobility as a service for the last mile. A Bulgarian case

Marinelli G.
Bedini M.
Rossi F.
The project of infrastructures for sustainable mobility as driver to join urban public areas, the production landscape and areas of high environmental and artistic value

Ronzoni M.

The railway Noto-Pachino as a transport solution for a better tourism